Our Kids were uncomfortable. That’s how this all started.

On a vacation to the Midwest, our big group of friends and all of our kids got together. Bedtime for 6 kids in one house was a chore, and each kid frequently complained of discomfort. One kid was annoyed by the itchiness of the tag on their Pjs. Another was uncomfortable cause their pajamas were too hot. The youngest, excited to move around after recently learning to crawl, wore a hole in her brand new PJ’s by the end of the week. This frustrated our kids and it frustrated us, because as parents something we really want and need is our kids to sleep well, and being comfortable is really important for achieving this. Tiny Otters was created to solve those problems for kids – AND for their parents. We are Peruvian and American and we love our kids. Our connection to Peru allows us to tap into that country’s rich history of Pima Cotton to bring your children’s pajamas made from the most comfortable and soft cotton on the planet.

We’re so grateful that you´re here. We hope you enjoy our selection.

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