• Two kids in comfortable Rising Sun and Dreamy Lion Tiny Otters children's pajamas enjoying a pillow fight on a bed

    Upgrade your child’s comfort with the softest cotton in the world

    Pima is a longer fiber of cotton, almost twice as long as the fibers from more common cottons.  This is what gives it the qualities that make it the most comfortable cotton in the world.  The longer fibers make it more durable for the active child. They regulate temperature better for a more restful sleep and they are soft for maximum comfort. Pima cotton is the ultimate fabric for comfy pajamas!

  • Soft Fabrics

    The most comfortable and softest cotton in the world!

  • Artistic icon depicting breathability by showing airflow and moisture wicking


    Pima Cotton is breathable for temperature regulation, and it’s moisture wicking to stay dry for longer

  • Icon drawing depicting durability by showing material withstanding the pressure from a weight


    Resists fading and pilling, wrinkling and tearing. Great for active little ones!